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Biobrane and Third Degree Burns

Is a temporary skin substitute that is man made. It is a white stretchable dressing that is made from a silicone layer and a nylon fabric to which collagen has been chemically bounded. Biobrane is used to cover the site of a burn wound like second and third degree burns and can also be used to cover the skin graft donor site. Before it covers the burn wound, the burned area is washed and all the burned skin is removed, after placing Biobrane on the burned area, it’s wrapped with a bulky gauze and an ace wrap dressing. The dressing stays in place for 24-36 hours.

How to care for Biobrane in the first 24-48 hours:

Keep the dressing dry, avoid removing the dressing, move the area covered by the dressing only as needed and avoid extra movement.

Caring for the wound:

Bathe or shower daily, gently wash the Biobrane with a separate washcloth. Avoid scrubbing it and don’t submerge it into tab water. Rinse it well with running water and pat it dry with a clean towel.

You have to check the wound for any signs of infection such as redness, swelling, bad smell, wound drainage (see wound infection).

When the wound starts to heal, Biobrane starts to lift up. Gently trim off the loose edges of Biobrane using a clean scissor that has been cleaned with alcohol. Apply lotion to the area where you have trimmed Biobrane. You should stop trimming if it causes bleeding or it’s painful. Biobrane does not need to be covered with dressing at this time.

Follow the instructions given to you by your health care provider and call your doctor if any of the following is present:

  • A build up of fluid under the Biobrane.
  • The skin around the wound shows increased swelling, redness or feels hot.
  • Wound with a bad smell.
  • Fever above 100.5 degree F.
  • Bleeding.
  • Increased pain.

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