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Iron Burns in Young Children

Contact burns are common in young children. young children have the curiosity to explore things, they can get iron burns. Common causes of burns include leaving a child unattended while leaving a hot cloth iron or hair iron to cool.

It is also possible for adult using a cloth iron or a hair iron to suffer a burn. It is of great importance to avoid distractions (phone calls, conversations, television) while using any type of iron. It is also recommended that the iron be unplugged when not in use.

The surface area burned is small but it may be of concern depending upon the severity (see second degree burns and third degree burns)

Preventive measures can be taken to decrease the incidence of iron burns in children, these include:

  1. Parents becoming more accident conscious.
  2. Unplugging the iron when it’s not in use.
  3. Never leaving a hot iron with a child unattended.
  4. When the iron is left to cool, unplug it, store it in a safe place and keep the cord out of children’s reach.
  5. When ironing, use an ironing board instead of the floor or using low tables.
  6. Store curling irons in a safe place and on surfaces that a child can’t reach.

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