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People’s Reaction To Scars

One of the challenges that a burn survivor faces after discharge is the reaction of society to his/her scars. According to George Pessotti a burn survivor and the author of Reasons for Living, “most people mean no harm when they stare or ask questions. They’re simply curious; they want to know what happened to you for different reasons”

The face is the mirror of the person, the first thing that most people look at when they see a person is the face, and it gives clues about the person like background, age and mood. Scarring of the face after a burn injury may lead to psychological and social difficulties for the patient.

Burn survivors deal with scars differently, each will cope with it in his/ her own way, some will try to move on with life and forget what happened as much as they can. Others will isolate themselves from the community, live their lives in the shadow or turn to drugs and alcohol.

In addition to the physical trauma some have to deal with the loss of their home, income and may be grieving the loss of a family member (in the fire). It’s not uncommon that the patient may experience different emotions like anger, anxiety, fear, frustration, self guilt and depression. The road to recovery may be long but there will always be light at the end of the tunnel. Patients are encouraged to speak with family, close friends, attend support groups, and seek counseling if they need it.

The human brain works in an amazing way. Positive thinking can lead to better coping skills and decreased negative stress. If you put positive thoughts in your brain the results will be positive and vice versa. Simply focus on the solutions and not the problem as the problem has happened and can’t be changed but the solution is in your hand. When you see people looking at your scars in a strange or suspicious way, explain to them what happened.

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