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Burns From Tanning Beds

Tanning beds are used to induce skin tanning, although it is nice to have tanned skin, complications may happen which include wrinkling of the skin, skin burns and increase risk of skin cancer.
Tanning bed burns may happen if you use a tanning bed for a long period of time or if you don’t use enough protection on the skin. Burns caused by the tanning beds can be presented as redness of the skin, pain and tenderness.


The burned area can be washed with cool and not cold water; this will help decrease the pain, application of soothing agent to the burn area will also help minimize the discomfort.

To prevent tanning bed burns, ask a person at the tanning bed facility about the ideal time to be spent under the tanning bed lights. Usually it’s not more than 20 minutes and less for skin with lighter color. Use a tanning lotion that will help to protect the skin from the burn.

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