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How to Encourage Others

When meeting a burn survivor, there are things that everyone can do to encourage and support burn survivors by having the right approach. Offering a listening ear will help theses survivors know that you are there to listen to them and make them feel at ease. Sometimes all that a survivor needs is to feel that someone is there to listen to him/her. Avoid giving advice and listen until the survivor finishes what he/she wants to say. If you feel that the survivor doesn’t want to talk now, don’t push them.

In difficult circumstances, a person who has been exposed to trauma will appreciate the presence of friends and family. Sometimes the best gift you can give a patient is an encouraging word. By being there even for a few minutes trying to help and comfort that person, your support will not be forgotten. During these visits, avoid showing pity, feeling sorry or blaming the survivor for what has happened as your purpose of being there is to strengthen, encourage and guide that person to get through the hard times. Don’t speak about your past trauma; make it about that person as this is the purpose of the visit.

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