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There was a terrific article written for the Associated Press this past week about burn survivors and their path to living normally again. Here is part of that article:

Three dozen hotel housekeepers are focused on 62-year-old Sharon Everett. She’s helping lead sensitivity training at the Hyatt Regency Cincinnati in advance of the Phoenix Society’s annual World Burn Congress held each year in late September. It will be hosted by Shriners Hospital for Children – Cincinnati, and is being held in this city for the first time.

She’s come to prepare the hotel staff for a conference that will draw hundreds of burn survivors from around the country, as well as family members, burn care professionals and firefighters. She also will tell her story.

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One of the common complications that a burn patient may experience is a scar depending on the severity of the injury. Scars may lead to physical and emotional distress. One of the methods used to deal with and decrease the incidence of scaring is the use of compression garments.

Compression garments are used in the treatment of keloid and hypertrophic scars, they work by applying pressure to the affected area which helps flatten and improve the appearance of scar.

There are different kinds of compression garments like Ace bandage, pre-fabricated garments and custom made garments.

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