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Burns are one of the most devastating and serious injuries that can happen in a person’s life, not for the victim only but for the relatives as well. Depending on the severity of burns, some of them may need to be referred to the hospital for treatment such as second and third degree burns

The initial contact of the victim with the burn service starts usually with the Emergency Department, and perhaps it’s the only injury that need specialist treatment by a team of medical, surgical and nursing personnel who have a specific specialization. The Emergency department may be confusing for both the patient and the relatives; on the other hand the arrival of the patient to the emergency department is one of most dramatic events in the surgical practice.

Sometimes an atmosphere of tension is created in the emergency department due to the pain and fear of the patient and his/her relatives, the magnitude of the injury and the visibility of the damage therefore it’s important for the patient and the relatives to stay calm as much as they can and to interact with the medical and surgical team treating the patient as they play an important role in the healing process of their patient.

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