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A hypertrophic scar is an elevated scar that appears red, thick and raised as a lump on the skin, hypertrophic scars usually feel firm to the touch, and they may be sensitive to changes in temperature or texture. They don’t grow beyond the injury site or incision (unlike a keloid scar which grows beyond the original site of the injury). Hypertrophic scars usually start to develop within weeks after the injury and often improve in appearance with time, which may take few years.

There is no simple cure for hypertrophic scars. Compression garment is one of the methods used in the treatment. Steroid may be used as an injection into the hypertrophied area or as a topical application. Surgery may be used to remove these scars, often in conjunction with the use of steroid injection. Steroid treatment may continue even after the surgery to maximize healing and decrease the chance of recurrence of these scars.

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