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Laser hair removal is one of the medical procedures used to remove unwanted hair from the skin. Laser simply works by distinguishing color differences between the hair and the skin, it goes and hits the darker color area which is the hair, leading to heating of the hair follicle and destroying it making it unable to grow new hair.

This procedure has become more popular over the years, and although laser hair removal is relatively safe in the hands of an experienced technician, side effects may occur. These side effects may range from skin swelling and redness to skin burns and even scaring (replacement of normal skin with fibrous tissue).

Skin burns occur either due to the prolonged use of the laser on specific areas or may result when the intensity of heat is too high. The skin will absorb the laser energy which may lead to skin burns. These burns are usually minor burns but severe burns may also occur ( Second degree burns and third degree burns). Seek medical attention if the burn doesn’t heal or it takes a long time healing.

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