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As the burn wound heals a scar will form. A scar is a fibrous tissue that will replace the normal tissue that was damaged by the burn injury. Depending on the severity of the injury a hypertrophic scar may form.

Scar massage can be used in the treatment of a hypertrophic scar in combination with other modalities of treatment. Scar massage can be started once the burn scar is mature enough to tolerate sheering forces, it stretches the scar and breaks down the fibrous bands, and this allows the scar to be more elastic and stretchy. Scar massage can also help in cases of contracture scars.

Heat and lubricants may be used with scar massage to increase tissue flexibility. It is found that scar massage can decrease itching and is also used for pain desensitization. Scar massage will be performed by your therapist, it may be painful in the beginning but with time your scar will become better and you will be happier. You and/or your family will be taught how to perform scar massage. Scar massage is performed twice or more a day (3-5 times is preferred). You have to follow the instructions given to you by your therapist who will frequently assess the condition of the scar and the progress of treatment.

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