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The skin is the largest organ in the body. The skin has many important functions (see the skin). Skin can be donated for, and used by Patients with severe burns and patients with other injuries. The donated skin is transplanted to these patients which helps to decrease the pain, acts as a barrier to prevent infection, prevents body fluid loss and helps in body temperature regulation. The donated skin can be use as a temporary treatment for patients with severe burns and as the patient’s own skin heals, it can be grafted on the burned area as a permanent covering.

The person will make the decision to donate his or her skin in the same manner as other organ donations. This decision will not effect the medical care given to that person before his/her death. Every attempt will be made to save the person’s life and the skin will only be taken after the death of the person.

Donating skin will not cause body disfigurement; the skin harvest is composed of a very thin layer of skin taken from the abdomen, back and legs. The person who donates the skin (the donor) should not have any transmissible disease such as hepatitis.

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