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  • Speech and language therapists and pathologists: they help the patient with swallowing issues, they can help with vocal cord issues, and communication needs (if the patient can’t speak) and they can help teach the patient with a tracheotomy how to speak.
  • Respiratory therapist: they manage and administer oxygen, breathing treatments and other respiratory needs. If the patient’s injury is severe; the patient might need breathing assistance with the aid of mechanical ventilator (see mechanical ventilator part I, II).
  • Dietitian: the dietitian develops a nutrition plan for the patient to promote wound healing and minimize weight loss, (see nutrition and burn).
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Taking care of a burned patient in a hospital requires a team effort. This team is called the burn team which is a group of people with different specialties who work together to help the patient and his/her family.

The members of the burn team with some variation from one hospital to another include:

  • The patient: you are the key member of the burn team, when you are admitted you may meet different members of the team. Each team member plays an important role in your recovery. As your condition improves, you will become more independent and will help set goals for your care. Make sure to ask the team about any concern that you have. Communication and understanding are very important.
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