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Burned patients need all the support they can get from family, relatives and friends. A burn injury is one of the most painful traumas a patient can ever experience.

One of the major concerns and challenges a burned patient faces is infection, (see wound infection). Burn centers have strict guidelines regarding infection control, depending on the patient’s condition. When visiting a patient with burns, you should know the visiting hours and the number of visitors allowed which may be limited depending on the patient’s condition.

Visitors may be required to wear a gown, mask, cap and gloves when visiting the patient. The nurse will give you instructions on the protective clothing to decrease the risk of infection. Look for any signs outside the patient’s door that will tell you if you have to wear these protective garments when entering the patient’s room. It’s important to follow these instructions. You have to wash your hands prior to entering and after leaving the patient. Avoid visiting the patient if you have an active cold or an infection and inform the nurse about it if you do visit.

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