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From the book “I Will Not Be Broken” by Jerry White

No matter what trauma you are exposed to, you have to face the fact that it happened, that it is in the past and you can’t change it but what can be change is the future.

When the writer was in the hospital after losing his right leg in a landmine explosion, when he had to wheel himself down to the lunch hall during the recovery time, at the beginning he didn’t appreciate that he was the one who is doing that. He would think to himself “don’t they see the bloody stump?”. But he did it and wheeled himself. When he reached the lunch hall he met a lot of people who were exposed to a different kind of trauma. He remembers an old guy who had been in the hospital for months going through rehabilitation having a prosthesis above his knee, telling him “don’t worry you’ll have your own fake leg one day”. These people helped him to get through a very difficult time.

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