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Survivor Story

From the book I Will Not Be Broken by Jerry White.

Survivor X was seventeen years old, on his way to work in a civil war country when he stepped on a mine leading him to the loss of both of his legs. He thought it was a dream. At the time of the explosion he tried to kill himself with an explosive lying on the ground near him but it didn’t explode. He was desperate to die as he took a gun from one of the soldiers who arrived after the explosion and begged him to kill him. Recovery was very difficult, both physically and mentally. He was able to survive with the support of his family. Of great import to him, was meeting other disabled persons. He saw how they lived their lives. It made him really happy to see people in wheelchairs playing sports in the hospital.

Although it was a long journey he was very happy and excited about many aspects of his life. He has a wife, children, a family, parents and siblings and a lot of friends.

Helping others was very satisfying for him. Seeing other survivors arrive at the hospital and speaking to them, telling them his experience and how he survived, gave them hope and encouragement. The next time he saw or visited them, they would be expressing different faces of joy and survival “That joy is something that cannot be compared to anything. Wow. I am part of making another person happy”.

Each survivor can be a source of encouragement to others, but first he/she has to find the power and courage to continue the journey to the end in order to be able to help others.

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