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Survivor Story

From the book I Will Not Be Broken by Jerry white.

Survivor x lost his right leg while stepping on a landmine. This trauma made him wonder how he was going to work and feed his wife and child. He had to move with his parents as his family had no home. As a result of the accident, he avoided his family, went into severe depression and drank heavily. One day this survivor met another amputee who told him that he has to return back to his normal life taking responsibility and support his family. For the survivor this was overwhelming but his friend insisted that he should do it, the survivor was encouraged and found the support and the willingness with other amputees. It took over a year, but step by step attending meetings and joining survivor support groups, the results were encouraging. With his determination and planning he started a business by building a greenhouse with a thriving tomato business and because of his honesty and hard work, his produce was sold quickly as people lined up to buy them.

He says “Thanks to the support from my community, my family has a strong husband and father again, and with my new business, our future is no longer uncertain”.

The survivor didn’t stop at that but plans to build a second greenhouse and hire other survivors to work there. He describes becoming a benefactor after being a beneficiary by helping others who are in need, as an incredible moment for him, when he donated 200 Kilograms of fresh tomatoes to a local orphanage. He also helps his neighbors in need by giving out produce.

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