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I Suffered A Burn Injury, Do I Have A Case?

When someone suffers a burn injury, their immediate concern is their health, well being and what the future holds. The burn victim and their family should also consider whether or not the burns were the result of negligence. This question is best analyzed, considered and answered by a lawyer who has a considerable amount of experience in handling burn injury accident cases. One firm has a reputation of being very knowledgeable, diligent and savvy in this particular area of the law, that firm is Kramer & Pollack, LLP.. They have handled various burn cases resulting from fires, scalding water, stove tip overs, explosions, electrocutions , etc (here are some of the cases they have been involved with). They have been there for many families in the hours and days following catastrophic burns suffered by children and adults alike. They have held the hands of parents as their children lie trembling in pain in the burn unit. Their advice and guidance has been priceless and cherished by so many people.

We will ask Mr. Kramer to comment on different burn cases regarding liability or negligence. Liability or negligence means fault. In other words, Mr. Kramer will analyze different burn cases with respect to the role or responsibility other people or entities may have had which led to or could have avoided the burn injury. Most of the analysis will deal with 3rd degree burns (see also third degree burns part II).

You may think at first that the facts leading up to a burn injury are not sufficient to form the basis of a lawsuit. For example if you learned that someone was burned in a fire started as the result of a drug dispute you might think… how could the landlord be responsible. Or in another situation you may learn that a fire was started by a child who was playing with matches. If you thought in both situations that there was no case you would be wrong. These and many other cases will be analyzed in upcoming posts.

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