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Airway Suction, Bronchodilators, Chest Physiotherapy

Airway Suction:

Smoke inhalation injuries may lead to edema (swelling) of the lining of the airway, this may lead to the accumulation of secretions in the airways, these secretions need to be cleared as they may increase the risk of infection and increase the risk that these secretions may be aspirated leading to inflammation of the lungs and pneumonia.

Nasotracheal suctioning is done by inserting a suction catheter through the nasal passages and pharynx into the trachea in order aspirate these secretions.


They are drugs that may be useful in smoke inhalation injuries; these drugs cause bronchial smooth muscle relaxation leading to dilatation and an increase in the diameter of the airways which in turn will improve respiration.

Chest physiotherapy:

It is one of the methods used in the treatment of smoke inhalation injury to aid in the removal of secretions from the bronchial tree; it is gravity assisted bronchial drainage. There are multiple positions in which the patient can be placed for postural drainage.

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