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In my previous post two days ago, I wrote about the need to be aware of fire hazards not just inside your home, but surrounding your home as well. The reason: Careless neighbors can cause a fire that spreads to where you live too. Such a situation nearly happened to me not long ago, and my neighbor almost got burned badly because she tried to put the fire she started rather than calling firefighters to let them do it.

Sure enough, a story appeared in a London newspaper the next day, January 17, about a British man there who did the same thing as my neighbor. Unfortunately, that man now has third-degree burns and smoke-inhalation injuries to his lungs that threaten his life. Here is part of that article:

“A man barely escaped with his life after an early-morning fire Monday in an apartment in London’s east end. The man was cooking and likely fell asleep, only to be woken up by his smoke detector. ‘He tried to put the fire out himself but sustained burns to his face, his forearms, and hands, plus he suffered some smoke inhalation,’ district chief Jeff Adams reported.”

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Airway Suction:

Smoke inhalation injuries may lead to edema (swelling) of the lining of the airway, this may lead to the accumulation of secretions in the airways, these secretions need to be cleared as they may increase the risk of infection and increase the risk that these secretions may be aspirated leading to inflammation of the lungs and pneumonia.

Nasotracheal suctioning is done by inserting a suction catheter through the nasal passages and pharynx into the trachea in order aspirate these secretions.

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