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Burn injuries can be very traumatic and painful and may take a long time to recover. Many complications can happen as a result of the burn injury including infection, scaring, disfigurement, contractures, reduced or limited mobility, loss of function, muscle, ligament, or nerve damage, mental and psychological trauma, amputation of a limb and even death in severe cases.

The more severe the burn is (second and third degree), the more damage to the body it creates. Burn injuries may need extended periods of hospital stay as well as prolong care and a lot of follow ups for rehabilitation after hospital discharge. Some burn victims may need services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, psychiatric counselling, plastic or cosmetic surgery; all these may create an extra burden on the patient mentally, physically and psychologically.

Some burned victims may lose their homes and all their belongings as a result of the fire. Families and caretakers of a burned patient may also be traumatized and need help in dealing with the impact of the trauma.

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